How an orthodontist can straighten teeth

A specialist in orthodontics which is a specific branch of dentistry can help correct crooked teeth in a patient and then maintain the teeth in the desired position through the use of braces and other unique dental appliances.

An orthodontist in Massapequa must first complete a bachelor’s degree in university and then attend an accredited dental school for approximately four years. At this point the graduate takes post grad education and detailed training in orthodontics. Once the education and advanced training has been completed the candidate must pass a rigorous examination to gain certification to practice as an orthodontist.

General dentists often refer their patients to an orthodontist in Massapequa for a number of reasons. The general dentist will often spot a potential problem in the bite pattern or the spacing of the teeth of one of his or her patients. The general dentist is well aware that in cases such as these it is important that the patient be referred to a specialist who can help correct the bite pattern and realign the teeth.

An orthodontist has a number of methods that can be used to help patients achieve an attractive smile and healthy teeth. Often the orthodontist turns to braces and retainers to bring the patients teeth back into perfect alignment. In many cases it is necessary to remove teeth to allow this to happen. During the course of treatment the patient returns to the orthodontist on scheduled visits, during these visits the orthodontist will adjust the braces and ensure there are no other problems that need correcting.

A patient with crooked and misaligned teeth will be subjected to X-Rays, molds and other physical measurements which are used when the orthodontic appliance is made. Once the orthodontist has finished making all the detailed measurements, these are sent to a dental lab where a technician skilled in making orthodontic appliances constructs the device in complete accordance with the instructions and measurements given.

It is an orthodontic technician who is responsible for making the device. These skilled people use the models and the measurements given to them by the orthodontist in West Islip, and using specialty tools and equipment produce the device per the prescription.

Both the orthodontist and the orthodontic technician work in tandem to ensure that the patient get the best fit. Once the orthodontist gets the finished appliance they assess the fit and make any minor adjustments. Over the next year or so the orthodontist will continue to make adjustments until the teeth are perfectly aligned.

Misaligned teeth can ruin a person’s confidence and self esteem; they can also be unhealthy as crooked teeth can have a detrimental effect on eating and speaking. If you need an orthodontist in Massapequa to correct the problem you are invited to contact Adelberg Pediatric.

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