How a St. Paul Lawyer Could Help an Injured Worker after an Accident

It is common for workers to make simple mistakes after dealing with an injury that can lead to long-term negative consequences. Many injured individuals are dealing with physical injuries, post traumatic stress disorder, and bills that are starting to pile up. A lawyer can help an injured individual avoid these mistakes.

One way that a lawyer who has experience with a PTSD workers compensation claim in St Paul can help a client is by advising them as to when they should file a claim and when they should seek medical care. Many individuals make the mistake of not reporting an injury right away. They may have the thinking that if they just take some time off and rest, they will get better. The unfortunate truth is that many states set out deadlines as to when a person can file a claim for an injury. If a person does not do this soon enough, they may not get the compensation they deserve.

Another way that a lawyer who has experience with a PTSD workers compensation claim in St Paul could help a client is by getting them the best medical care. When a person is dealing with post traumatic stress disorder after a work injury, they are going to receive a recommendation from the insurance company of their employer as to the doctor they can visit. However, there is often a conflict of interests. A lawyer will be able to provide information about the steps that need to be taken to switch doctors and get the best care possible.

A lawyer will also be able to help a person understand the type of workers compensation benefits their client may be eligible for. These could include temporary disability, permanent disability, and medical treatment.

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