How a GPS Tracking System Saves Your Business Money

As a fleet manager you are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiencies as well as to save money. The GPS Tracking System NY fleets use offer many benefits from customer satisfaction to fuel cost savings.

Reduce Fuel Costs by 13 Percent

Studies have shown that GPS tracking for fleets can save an average of 13 percent in fuel costs. Because GPS tracking offers many options to keep an eye on your fleet you can see how your drivers are operating and where they need to improve. Tracking can include:

  • Idling
  • Speeding
  • Ineffective route choices
  • Unauthorized used of your vehicles
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Travel outside a driver’s jurisdiction


When you have drivers and employees out on the road in your vehicles there are many bad habits they may have acquired that have left them free to do as they please without accountability. The GPS tracking system NY fleets use can help you track inappropriate behavior and make drivers and employees accountable for their actions. Just knowing their vehicle is being tracked will make employees change bad habits very quickly when they know they can get caught.

Customer Service

With the GPS tracking system NY fleets use you will also be able to improve customer service. Offering more direct routes, keeping track of fleet hours and locations and understanding the habits of your drivers and sales team will help you identify areas that require attention to improve the quality of service you can provide. Studies have shown the following improvements with the addition of a tracking system:
The amount of service calls completed rose by 23 percent
The amount of technicians showing up on time increased by 46 percent
Revenues increased by 16.4 percent

Driver Safety and Fleet Maintenance

Tracking your fleet means tracking your drivers allowing you to spot bad driving habits that can be dangerous for your business. Aggressive driving can be detected and you can address issues with inappropriate driving as they happen. You can also improve fleet maintenance by curbing unwanted driving habits such as acceleration, idling and heavy use of gas and brakes.

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