How A Disability Lawyer Can Help You

In 1935 the United States Federal Government established the Social Security Administration. The objective of the agency was then, and still is today, to provide those who are retired as well as those who suffer a physical or mental disability and are unable to work a monthly income. A disability lawyer in Fall River MA is a legal professional who understands the plethora of rules, laws and regulations that apply and are fully aware of the claims process and the problems often faced by claimants. A lawyer that deals with the disabled can help from the outset of the application for benefits process but in the majority of cases the lawyer is brought in by the applicant when the initial application has been denied, which unfortunately for most is the norm.

The actual application process for retirement benefits is straight forward. All the information that is necessary is available by accessing a unique social security number and rarely is an application refused. The same cannot be said when the applicant is making application for disability benefits, these benefits are not given as a matter of course and there is no data base that the SSA can access to prove or disprove the integrity of the application. To receive benefits a considerable amount of information must be supplied to prove beyond doubt that the disability is real and it stops the person from working.

The administrators of the program follow a detailed process as they vet the application, they rely on the material submitted which must include the applicants work record and all medical and hospital records. Using this information the administration either approves the application or denies it. Based on available statistics about seventy five percent of first applications are denied. A disability lawyer in Fall River MA, using his or her wealth of knowledge of the system knows what the administration is looking for and they are able to work with their clients, counseling and advising on the best approach to take to prove beyond doubt that they are disabled and should be given their rightful due.

The majority of first applications are denied out of hand. It is sad because the applicants know they are disabled and they know what their disability is but still they have been denied. This is when they know that they must turn to a disability lawyer in Fall River MA, one who can present what is needed to have the unjustified ruling reversed.

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