How a Child Support Attorney in Columbus IN Helps a Parent Petition for Modification

A Child Support Attorney in Columbus IN may be able to help a person who wants to have the payments reduced. Convincing the court to allow this can be difficult, especially if this parent attempts to do this without professional legal representation. The parent who makes these payments typically must provide evidence of a change in circumstances. That usually means evidence of reduced income and inability to rebound from this situation, at least temporarily.

The Possibility of Temporary Modification

The court might grant a temporary modification if the support-paying parent has been laid off from a job but has been assured that a callback will happen within a certain time frame. However, this temporary modification is not guaranteed, even when the petitioner has legal representation by a Child Support Attorney in Columbus IN. The judge may tell the petitioner that he or she should find other work in the meantime rather than relying on the relatively low unemployment compensation.

How a Judge May Consider the Request

The petitioner may feel that a judgment against the request is unfair. Having to come up with that extra money every month will be challenging and stressful. But the family court judge believes that the situation could be even more challenging and stressful for the parent with primary physical custody of the children.

Cutting expenses should be easier for the noncustodial parent. In contrast, when the parent with primary physical custody cuts expenses, that can mean the children have to do without certain necessities. Judges also tend to believe that the children shouldn’t to do without inessentials that they are accustomed to enjoying.

Mutual Agreements

It may help if the other parent agrees to a temporary modification. This still must be documented with the court with the assistance of a law firm such as Alcorn Sage Schwartz & Magrath LLP. That’s mainly for the support-payer’s protection, as the other parent could later come after this person and state that payments were not made as scheduled. Anyone who needs help with this type of problem may visit the website to learn about this particular organization and schedule a consultation.

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