Hop on the Luxury High Rise Band Wagon before Prices Rise

Condos in Las Vegas Strip may not enjoying a boom and the market is not as good as it should be. However there is a noticeable rise in luxury condos in Las Vegas strip units which makes it the perfect time to get in on the ground level so to speak.

The perfect time to buy real estate is not when the market is booming but when there are clear signs the housing prices are rising and the economy is improving. Right now there is a slow rise which means prices are still very affordable making it the ideal time to make a purchase with anticipation to sell once prices peak.

In Vegas condo prices have been rising slowly since 2010 with the average price rising from $225k in 2010 to $489,000 in 2013. Residences in the City Center are helping to fuel the rise.

Units in high end condos such as Veer Towers are tempting buyers with high end finishes and stunning amenities that can be had for excellent prices. Such investments are well timed as prices are just beginning to rise. Investors are attracted to buildings such as Veer Towers as they realize such prices are unheard of and they do not want to miss out on the opportunity.

With units selling quickly many buyers are paying cash a common occurrence in big cities such as New York. For buyers who wish to live in a luxury condo as their primary residence it is nice to know that many of the buyers in condos such as Veer Towers intend to use their units as second homes which speaks to the wealth and quality of the neighbors they will be rubbing elbows with as well as the quality of the units. Many of the buyers have their primary residence in California.

With units going for hundreds of dollars below the condo’s value per square foot it is the best possible time to invest in real estate. You can pick up lovely condos in Las Vegas Strip for exceptionally low prices and enjoy living in totally luxurious surroundings.

These condos are not only suited for primary residences but can be used as investments or purchased for use when doing business in town. With such low prices people are buying them for many different purposes all of which will translate into an impressive ROI.

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