Hoop Cheese: A Cut Above the Rest

You’ve probably seen hoop cheese all over the place without ever knowing exactly what it is. Hoop cheese is the iconic cheese that comes in a red rind that you see in ads for or in cartoons when cheese shows up. However, that is not the end of the story. As with most cheeses, there are different types of cheese within this form. So, if you are looking for hoop cheese in Columbus, GA, read on for a short guide.

#1. Red Rind hoop cheese
Hoop cheese is considered a hard cheese. It comes in large wheels that often require two hands to carry, with a red or black wax shell added on for freshness and aesthetic value. Most American hoop cheese is made in the state of Wisconsin. Back in the day, it would sit in general stores, on top of a cutter, to be served one wedge at a time by the store employees. The red rind hoop cheese is a milder, smoother taste than the sharp, black rind hoop cheese

#2. Black Rind hoop cheese
Old Fashioned Black Rind Hoop Cheese is the sharp variety, which means it is stronger and more acidic in taste than the milder Red Rind Hoop Cheese. The pronounced flavor is an asset when making that superb Southern staple, pimiento cheese spread. It’s a very useful type of cheese to use when you want to add delicious creaminess to a recipe without adding unnecessary ingredients or fat. There’s a delicious tang to its taste–a small oasis of flavor that you can only get in a few places throughout the South.

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