Home Security Devices That Will Help You Protect Your Chicago Family

There’s no denying that crime rates in residential neighborhoods are on the rise but equipping your home with the right equipment can help you keep your home and family safer. As you visit Chicago security companies, you’ll find that there are many choices for home security. Knowing which features are the most important to you can help you pick the best package for your home.

Motion Detection

One of the most basic features you should look for in a security system is a network of motion sensors. The sensors can be modified for sensitivity to ensure exterior lighting, cameras, or alarms aren’t activated each time a squirrel scurries across your lawn. However, the equipment will still be sensitive enough to alert you to human intruders.

Access Point Sensors

You can also find a system that will include motion sensors that are specifically designed to protect your home’s access points. The sensors can be installed in all of the doors and windows on your home. When the system is armed, you’ll be alerted anytime an access point is being breached.

Mobile-Friendly Access

Chicago security companies sell security systems that can be fully monitored and controlled via an app on your mobile device. Even when you use a system that’s monitored by a professional security service, you can use the app to stay updated on your home’s status. This will help you stay aware of any attempted breaches while you’re away from home, allowing you to return home to check on suspicious activity.

You can find the state-of-the-art security equipment you need to protect your home or business when you visit the website of Alert Protective Services, LLC.

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