Home Paternity Test: Discreet & Timely Solution

There are many options available to individuals who are interested in taking a DNA test. For some, a home paternity test is the most cost-effective, sensible option. Every situation is different. On that note, home kits are perfect for individuals who wish to resolve a private issue without any additional stress. Speaking with a knowledgeable company before deciding can shed light on the best product for your individual needs.

Retain Your Privacy
In contrast to legal testing, home kits aren’t used in situations involving family legal matters. If you’re involved in a child custody battle, are trying to prove paternity, or are requesting a name change, you’ll need to schedule a legal DNA test for your results to carry any evidentiary weight. However, if you’re looking to settle a private family situation quietly and without the stress of legal processes, a home paternity test is likely ideal for you. A trustworthy company will mail you a kit upon request – which you can then complete and mail to a certified lab.

How Does It Work?
Non-legal testing works much like legal testing in the sense that it involves the use of buccal swabs to collect DNA. Typically, these swabs are placed in the inner cheek and swirled around to collect DNA from an alleged father, as well as the child involved. For some, it’s important that their child remain completely unaware of the test. If this is a concern for you, you can easily switch the buccal swab with a toothbrush, and then submit said toothbrush along with the swab containing the alleged father’s DNA.

Hassle-Free Process
Seeing as home tests aren’t admissible in court cases, there’s no need to schedule an appointment. You won’t have to wait, and can complete the kit at a time that’s most convenient for you. Naturally, this saves time and allows you to quickly collect DNA and send in the kit as soon as you’re finished. No one needs to be involved in the collection process but the alleged father and child. If you’re still unsure if a DNA home kit is the right solution for you, some companies give clients the option of consulting with a professional on staff who can provide the information you need to help make the decision.

Legal DNA Testing supplies quality kits, utilizes accredited labs, and offers fast results. To learn more about their products and rates, checkout their home paternity testing kits.

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