Hollow, Solid, Glass, MDF; Which Interior Door Is Best for You?

Interior wood doors are often forgotten when a property is updated or built from new. Standard hollow wood doors, either stained or painted white, are just included within the package with no further thought about the quality of the door. Consider how their beauty increases the experience of the family living within the property or the value it adds to the home.

Should You Choose a Solid Wood Door?

Where you have closed the door on a Rolls-Royce and can compare that with closing a door on an inexpensive vehicle, the difference is vast. The same applies to the feel of a solid wood door compared to most of the other options.

Solid core doors use an outside skin of composite or plywood, with the inside filled with a wood fiber blend. Interior wood doors that are made from solid wood are manufactured from solid pieces of wood.

Both hardwood and softwood are favorites, especially when finished with a clear varnish. interior wood doors that are painted appear to lose some of the value of installing solid wood doors.

Expert Craftsmanship

The soundproofing quality of the solid wood is vastly better than any of the other options. Interior wood doors that are manufactured from solid wood are energy efficient, helping to retain either cool or heat from inside the room.

With skilled carpentry, any design is possible as are the use of engraving skills to cut a unique pattern or style into the wood. You will pay more for a solid wood door, but they will last far longer, are more durable and are unlikely to warp unless any of the interior rooms become damp for long periods of time.

Solid wood doors are not necessarily the best choice for a sauna or bathroom because wood prefers a steady temperature and not one that fluctuates rapidly over a short period of time

Solid wood is less likely to crack or chip and will almost certainly last longer than a hollow door, or a particleboard door. Your expert timber merchant will be able to find you the best quality doors for your entire property.

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