Hiring an SEO Company? 3 Questions You Badly Need to Ask

Bad hires can destroy everything you’ve worked for. So if you’re looking for a search engine marketing company to help you out, here’s a gander at important questions you should ask before you hire one:

Will my search engine rankings climb?

While a confident answer is good, if anyone tells you that they can get to the number one spot in a matter of weeks, then you’d best walk away and find another team. That’s because seeing the results—good or bad—of any organic search marketing takes time. Anyone who tells you different is lying or might be willing to resort to black hat SEO tricks. If you don’t want your pages getting banned or penalized, get help elsewhere, says the Entrepreneur.

How will you improve my sites?

Every experienced Search Engine Optimization Company In Mumbai follows a certain process. And they can use this to assess your site and figure out where your weaknesses are. Also, by working on a number of sites over the years, they know what to look for if they want to uncover what makes a site tick or flop and will certainly be up for the challenge of improving your pages. So if the company can’t provide you with any suggestions or insightful tips on how to turn your bad pages around, spare yourself any further inconvenience and start looking around for another company.

Can you tell me about any of your past projects?

This is one way for you to see how they work, what the past results of those projects were and if those projects are in any way similar to your own. This can give you the push you need to say yes or the resolve to firmly say no and move on to the next SEO company on your list.

So don’t leave your company at the mercy of a bad hire. Be wise about picking the right SEO team to help you. Contact eBrandz Solutions.