Hiring A Truck Accident Attorney In McDonough After An 18-Wheeler Accident

A Truck Accident Attorney in McDonough represents the victim after a trucking accident. In a trucking accident the victim is considered the individual who was not at fault and sustained injuries. These cases could present the probability of tricky territory as it is a requirement for the highway patrol to launch an investigation to determine fault. However, an individual who sustained injuries that can prove that they were in fact not at fault for the accident has a chance to file a claim in court to seek damages. With sufficient evidence, an attorney can overturn the findings of this investigation.

The Many Sides to 18-wheeler Litigation

An 18-wheeler accident is not always a cut and dry case in which the evidence pinpoints one individual at fault and one victim. In these cases, the actual cause for the accident may present further litigation possibilities. For instance, if it was ruled that yes the truck driver was at fault yet he or she caused the accident due to a faulty repair performed on the truck or faulty equipment connected to the rig, there are far more litigants listed within the claim.

Local Truck Accident Attorney

By hiring a Truck Accident Attorney in McDonough from 411 PAIN, you receive legal counsel from an attorney who is familiar with the litigation process in terms of 18-wheeler accidents. These attorneys review the circumstances of the accident to determine whether the findings of the highway patrol are accurate and how these determinations will affect the victim. They will file a claim to present the facts pertaining to the case in terms of how the injuries were sustained and how their client is not at fault. To discuss an 18-wheeler accident with an attorney contact 411 PAIN or visit their website at 411paingeorgia.com.


Your Truck Accident Attorney in McDonough provides clarity in terms of a personal injury claim. They guide you through the process of preparing a claim and presenting key evidence to a judge who will render a final ruling. In these cases where a highway patrol investigation was launched it is necessary to review these findings based on the testimony of all parties involved. When these findings determine that faulty equipment or repairs led to the accident you may also have a viable case against the individual who performed the repairs or sold the equipment to the truck driver.

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