Hiring A Plumber For Drain Cleaning In Culver City

When you flush the toilet and the water goes up instead of down, you know you have a problem. When you wash dishes and the water fills up in the sink, instead of going down as it should, you know that your drain isn’t working properly. In these instances, you may need to contact a plumber for Drain Cleaning Culver City. There are a couple reasons that your drain may be clogged. If you live in an older home with the original galvanized pipes, corrosion may be clogging the drain, or someone may have put something down the drain that may have clogged it. Either way, a plumber can determine the problem and get your drain flowing again.

Older homes usually have old pipes. Galvanized pipes used to be the pipes of choice in homes, but now after 20+ years, these pipes are corroding and causing clogged drains. These pipes are being replaced with newer copper pipes, that won’t corrode and will last much longer. Corrosion can restrict water flow and cause a clog. You can call a plumber for Drain Cleaning Culver City to clear out the clog. If the cause is corrosion, he may recommend replacing that portion of pipe to stop the problem from reoccurring.

Many times a Drain Cleaning Culver City is needed because someone put something down the drain that they shouldn’t have. It may have been flushed down the toilet or grease poured down the kitchen sink. A toy can get stuck in the toilet impeding the flow. Personal hygiene products, though they may say flush-able, are better off not flushed. Many plumbers can testify that the item they’ve pulled out of a toilet causing a clog, was a personal hygiene product designed to be flushed. If possible, throw them out instead. Grease, when it hits water, can coagulate and cause a clog. It’s always better instead of washing it down the drain, pour it in a can or jar and throw it away.

Some clogs can be avoided and others, from old pipes, may be unavoidable unless the pipes are replaced. Be careful what you put down the drain and you can avoid many clogs. Before you flush or wash something down the drain, think about it and if you are in doubt, don’t flush it, but throw it out instead.

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