Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Madison WI for Injuries Resulting from a Motorcycle Accident

Riding a motorcycle is pleasurable as well as a great way to save on gasoline, however, it can also be extremely dangerous. One of the most common injuries that occur from a motorcycle accident is brain injuries. If you or a loved one has sustained a brain injury as a result of negligence, you should contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Madison WI for representation of your injury claim.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Madison WI is knowledgeable in the laws pertaining to motorcycle injuries that were not the fault of the rider. There are a number of reasons that may be the cause of the accident and one of the roles of the lawyer is to thoroughly examine the evidence to determine if the accident was caused by neglectful actions. Some motorcycle accidents may be the result of neglected roadways, such as potholes or uneven roads. Overgrown vegetation that limits the view of a motorcycle rider may also contribute to an accident that caused serious injuries.

For example, if a motorcycle rider cannot see or be seen beyond an overgrown tree and is hit by another vehicle. Defective products are also leading causes of motorcycle collisions. For example, if a tire is defected and loses pressure, a flat tire can result in a collision. These types of situations are what the lawyer will investigate to help prove that you were not at fault. A personal injury lawyer representing you for a motorcycle injury will also be able to talk with witnesses, gather police reports, medical reports and any other documentation that may be used to prove the accident due to negligence from another party. The attorney will negotiate with the insurance company representing the responsible party and if the claim goes to court, the attorney will be present throughout all of your court hearings.

In most situations when you file a personal injury claim and the attorney feels the claim is truly due to the neglect of another party, he will typically work on a contingency fee. A contingency fee means that you will not have to pay upfront attorney fees, but instead will agree to a specified percentage of the final amount won, be paid to the attorney for fees. When you meet with the attorney for your initial consultation, it is important to verify what type of payment arrangement is expected. Visit us at Gregory Wright Law Offices S.C. Like us on Facebook.

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