Hire an Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

Some people think of slipping and falling as part of a comedy routine, where a person slips on a banana. The truth is very far away from that comedic image. A simple fall on a slippery floor or staircase can result in traumatic brain injury. It can change a person’s life forever. They may suffer from severe headaches for the rest of their lives or may have to deal with short-term memory loss. In any event, they may never be able to work again. If the accident was caused by a negligent bed and breakfast owner that didn’t wipe up a wet floor or tack down a stair runner, then the injured person is entitled to damages.

An Injury Attorney in Las Vegas will help them prepare the insurance claim. Since most business owners carry liability insurance, an injured person must deal with them. Their lawyer will outline the injury and how the bed and breakfast owner was negligent. Then they’ll request a certain amount of money to cover medical expenses and living expenses. These could have to cover 40 or 50 years depending upon the age of the injured person. They are also entitled to damages for pain  suffering. Often an insurance company will dispute the negligence charge and attempt to show that their client did take the proper precautions.

If the client’s spouse thought to take pictures of the accident scene that will help substantiate their story. However if there are no photographs, then the lawyers will interview the police and paramedics who responded to the 911 call. If there were any witnesses, they will be interviewed as well. This evidence will be aggressively presented by lawyers from the Law Firm. Since 1993, they have been protecting the rights of injured people.

Some injured people think that they can’t afford this type of aggressive representation by an Injury Attorney in Las Vegas. These types of cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. The lawyers only take a percentage of the monetary settlement that they win for a client. If they don’t win anything, they don’t get paid. This guarantees that every person, regardless of their income, gets their day in court.

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