Hire A Reliable AC Company In Old Saybrook, CT

Even though winter has made many homeowners in the Old Saybrook area focus on their heating appliances more than their air conditioners, you still shouldn’t neglect these expensive appliances. While they may not be used as often during the colder months, they can still suffer from problems that are caused by not being used as often, or build up of debris inside their outdoor components. Weather can play havoc on the inner components as well, causing cracks in coolant lines and radiators from extreme temperature changes. Having a contractor perform regular service on your unit can help prevent these things from happening, even when you’re not using the appliance for the winter months.

Having year round maintenance service on your appliance can also help prevent problems from becoming even more severe by stopping them as they’re first spotted. A skilled ac company in Old Saybrook CT can spot problems during their routine servicing of your appliances, by taking notice of changes in the appliance since they last worked on it and being aware of anything that could result in mechanical or electrical problems with the appliance. Companies like R & B Refrigerator, Air Conditioning, and Heating Service offer year round servicing for both residential and commercial applications, to help ensure that your comfort appliances stay in good working order no matter what season it is.

When it comes to spotting a problem with your system on your own, there are a few tell-tale signs that something could be wrong with your unit. Electrical problems are usually the most obvious, since you’ll hear electric pops or sparking when your unit first kicks on its condenser to start cooling. Some noises may also occur when you first turn the unit on, or randomly while it’s running. When any of these electrical signs occur, it’s important that you call in an ac company in Old Saybrook CT to check your unit out as soon as you can. Electrical issues can be very dangerous for family and pets to be around, and the potential risk for electrocution rises the longer you wait to get it looked at.


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