Hire a Competent Divorce Lawyer in Reading PA to Guide You Through the Entire Divorce Process

Divorce is a difficult emotional journey. It not only nullifies marriage, but also sets terms of child support, child custody, spousal support, division of marital property and many other responsibilities. The agreements you make in your divorce settlement are legally binding. If you do not have a good understanding of the divorce law, you may unknowingly give up some of your rights. Therefore, it imperative you hire an experienced Divorce Lawyer Reading PA to guide through the entire divorce process. Here are the major steps of a divorce process.

Filing the Petition

The initial step in the divorce process is filing a petition. Even if both parties decide that they want to get divorced, one of them must file a petition with the court requesting for the separation. The petition spells out the grounds for the divorce. Your Divorce Lawyer Reading PA will tell you what grounds for the divorce are available in your state.

Service of Process

The party who files for divorce will also need to file proof of service of process. This is a document, which shows that a copy of the divorce petition was given to the other party. After the other party receives the service of process, they will be required to file a response to the petition. If the divorce was filed on fault grounds and the responding party wants to dispute that, he or she needs to address it in the response. Other disagreements on property division, custody, support and other issues should also be included in the response.

Negotiation and Trial

Negotiation may do if the parties do not agree on all their issues. The court may schedule a settlement conference to help the parties move towards a final resolutions of the issues. Any issues the spouses cannot resolve will have to be decided in a trial. Once the parties reach a resolution, an order of dissolution is drafted. This document spells out how the property and debts will be divided, child support and custody, spousal support among other issues.

These are just some of the steps of a divorce process. It is imperative you hire a qualified Divorce Lawyer Reading PA to guide through the entire process. For more information about divorce, and how you can hire a competent lawyer, visit Ebner Nevins & McAllister LLC.

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