Here’s Why You Need to Stop Putting off that Plumbing Repair

With so much going on – and seemingly bigger things to worry about – it’s tempting to put aside repairs for something so deceptively innocuous as a leaky faucet or temperamental toilet. But even the smallest issues can turn into bigger problems further down the road, giving you a lot of reasons to contact your local plumbing service in Cumming GA. Just because the issue doesn’t present a huge inconvenience right now doesn’t mean it won’t become an expensive and difficult complication in the near future. You need to stop putting off that plumbing repair, and here’s why:

It’s Bad for Your Home

Damage from a leaky pipe can go from minimal to monstrous quite quickly. In addition to the potential damage an unchecked leak can cause – ruining a floor, carpet, or even your personal belongings while you’re out at work for the day – hidden leaks from pipes in your walls can irreparably rot wood and damage floors and structures in your home. Having to tear up and replace your floor or tear down walls isn’t an ideal situation. In this case, it pays to have a plumbing inspection throughout your entire home, especially if you know that your pipes are old. Scheduling an inspection despite the fact that you can’t see any visible issues might seem like a hassle, but as they say, you’re better off safe than sorry, and who knows what’s going on inside your walls!

It’s Bad for Your Health

Unchecked water damage can bring about mildew and mold, which is harmful to your health. Even worse: a leak from your toilet or a problem with your sewer line could mean that you’re exposed to a host of dangerous bacteria or even raw sewage in your home.

It’s Bad for Your Wallet

Even a small leak or a toilet that sometimes won’t stop running can have a huge impact on your wallet. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a leaky faucet can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water a year. And your showerhead only needs to drip ten times per minute in order to waste 500 gallons a year. By fixing leaks, no matter how small, you can save a lot on your water bill. Just imagine how much extra you’re spending for all of that wasted water! Additionally, this might already be a no-brainer, but leaks are bad for our environment, as the World Wildlife Fund explains.

Don’t put off your plumbing repair – even for that tiny leak. And schedule a plumbing inspection if you haven’t already. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble down the line if you spend a little bit of time to get any issues correct today.

For all of your residential and commercial plumbing issues, contact Georgia Plumbers 24/7. Our expertise and 24-hour emergency service can get you out of any plumbing bind, and fast.

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