Here’s How to Know It’s Time to Call a Pest Exterminator in Baltimore, MD

A wide variety of pests are known for invading homes and commercial buildings and causing significant damage. These include everything from termites and cockroaches to larger pests, such as mice or rats.

Homeowners and property managers need to keep their eyes open for signs of infestation so that they can summon pest exterminators in Baltimore, MD,

as soon as possible to limit or repair the damage.

Here are some telltale signs.

Over-The-Counter Solutions Have Failed

Spotting carpenter ants or maybe even the occasional wasp nest in or around a home is quite common. Over-the-counter bug killers can wipe them away if the infestation is not extensive.

However, if a homeowner tries this and the problem keeps coming back, it’s time to call in professional exterminators, who offer more powerful solutions to fix the problem.

Rotting Wood and Other Forms of Damage

Unfortunately, when a homeowner starts to detect rotted wood and the visible damage from pests, the infestation is quite extensive. Wood damage is often a sign of termite activity.

It’s important to not allow the problem to advance any further by bringing in trained professionals right away.

Spotting Insects During the Day

This might seem like a no-brainer, but spotting insects crawling around during the day, or even detecting weird noises coming from attics, under a deck or from other hidden areas, indicates that pests have taken hold in a home or commercial building. Professional exterminators can inspect and assess the severity of the infestation.

Take Aim at Pest Infestations

Atlas Exterminator Co., Inc. features qualified exterminators that take aim at insects and rodents. No matter the severity of an infestation, our team is ready to find an effective solution. Click here, to know more.

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