Here Are Just A Few Of The Benefits Of An Epoxy Floor

An Epoxy Floor is created from combining two materials, a hardening agent and a resin, forming a material that is easily installed over an existing substrate, such as concrete. The epoxy used to make epoxy floor coatings is the same as that made to create epoxy flooring, just a difference in thickness being the determining factor.

The following describe some of the advantages of an epoxy floor:

     *     Ecofriendly -; Because epoxy flooring is non-porous and seamless, dirt and water cannot penetrate it, consuming less water when cleaning. Insects and bacteria have no place to hide due to its seamless nature, thereby reducing the quantity of pesticides used. In addition, a minute amount of waste is generated during the installation process, as the product is applied one container at a time, typically leaving only a few pounds unused.

     *     Anti-Microbial -; Although an epoxy flooring reduces the potential of microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, and fungus from developing, only a floor with an added anti-microbial agent is truly anti-microbial. Flooring that is anti-microbial is an ideal choice for use in the food industry, laboratories, health facilities, and veterinarian facilities. An anti-microbial floor is protected against fungi that result in black mold, yeast infections, E-Coli, and staph infections, among others.

     *     Durability -; Hallmark properties of an Epoxy Floor include versatility and long life span. An epoxy floor can be applied over many existing surfaces including concrete, tile, hardwood, and plywood. In areas where floors are subjected to hazards such as grease, oils, acids, body fluids like blood or urine, salt, or strong cleaners, epoxy floors will not pit, deteriorate, swell, erode, or exhibit surface etching or abrasions.

     *     Quick Installation -; Depending on the size of the area installations can be done in one day and ready to use after 24 hours. Minimal preparation is needed other than the substrate should be cleaned and thoroughly dried, followed by a light sanding or scuffing. The application is a one-step process followed by a clear coat glaze if preferred for additional shine.

There are many reasons why epoxy floors installed by us are used for commercial applications, hospitals, offices, the food industry, and even residential applications. They last for decades, easy to maintain, and available in limitless colors and designs. In commercial applications such as an automobile showroom, they can really make a visual impact, enhancing the display without overpowering it. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.