Helping your Team Focus

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Business

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Many employers get the feeling that sometimes their teams are not as productive as they should be or could. Low morale can be a common factor in the lack of presence at work. You may notice your employees are there physically and show up on time every day, but if they are not quite there mentally they have issues that could easily be dealt with. The big questions arise when you try to figure out whether those issues are personal or if it is something to do with the business. Productivity is widely associated with morale and happiness of the employees and the more content they are the more likely they are to want to participate fully in their jobs.

Take a sales team for example. Let’ say there are ten people in the team and they have been set a challenge to achieve one hundred sales in any given work day. If those sales are not met they may feel too pressured or worry that they will be fired at the end of that day because they didn’t achieve the goal expected of them. This can actually have an extremely negative effect on the employees and the worry they go through can affect their productivity. Now, you could be the kind of boss who storms in and demands that they succeed or they get fired, or you could be the type of boss who wants to engage with their employees and make sure they are working in happy surroundings.

Ideas for Team Building

If you want to build team spirit there are quite a few ideas out there to help you. Team building Charleston SC area is a skill that brings the team together both as employees and as people. One thing you can do to boost team morale is to set up some kind of reward plan whereby a top selling employee might win a weekend trip to a spa or golf course. You might also offer other incentives like gift vouchers or cash bonuses for hitting the target. Whatever ideas you come up with, the best way to achieve success with your sales team is to keep them feeling as though they are doing a worthy job. Praise and reward is the best success when it comes to people feeling as though they are worth it.

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