Helpful Tips from Commercial Septic Pumping Companies in Fort Bend

Many businesses along the Gulf Coast of Texas do not have access to city sewer systems. As a result, they must operate and care for a business septic tank and drain field. It’s possible to get years of excellent service from these waste disposal systems, but some regular maintenance can be highly beneficial and help you avoid a lot of trouble. Here are some things which many commercial septic pumping companies in Fort Bend recommend, to keep your system in good shape.


Always know what is going down your drains. Certain cleansers and chemicals are designed to disinfect and kill harmful bacteria. However, these things also kill beneficial bacteria in a septic waste treatment system. Beneficial strains of bacteria are necessary to process waste and break it down.

You may need to occasionally add beneficial bacteria products to your system. They can usually be dumped down the drain. However, it’s important to use the right kind of chemicals for maximum results. Commercial septic pumping companies in Fort Bend are the best sources to turn to for these products. They know what works best and which products are simply a waste of money. This can help you cut costs and increase the life of your commercial septic system.

The Importance of Filtration

Unlike residential systems (which do not usually require filters) a commercial septic system should have some kind of filtration system in place. This is especially important for businesses like restaurants, as you need to keep grease and fats from entering your drains and septic tank.

Filters can increase the life of your septic tank and drain field, as they prevent harmful sludge from entering the drain pipes. Once sludge gets into a drain field it can cause clogs which are very expensive to repair. In fact, in many cases, the entire drain pipe may need to be replaced. Of course, the best way to eliminate sludge buildup is to have the tank pumped by commercial septic pumping companies in Fort Bend on a routine basis.

Protect Your Drain Field from Damage

Be sure to mark your drain field area and keep any kind of heavy equipment from driving over it. This includes cars, trucks and large machinery. It is possible to crush drain pipes and if this occurs, your drain may develop leaks which cause seepage to come to the top of the ground. When this happens, it can be very expensive to repair the damages.

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