Help For Employees With Allergies

If you operate an industrial facility, there’s a very good chance you have employees who suffer from allergies, likely year round. This can create a very uncomfortable situation for employees, causing missed days of work due to sickness. It can also cause employee turnover, as employees with allergies look for jobs that won’t constantly aggravate their condition.

The culprit is dust, and it can be very difficult to eliminate in an industrial facility. However, there are systems that can drastically improve the air quality, removing dust and making life healthier and more comfortable for employees with allergies.

NFPA dust collection systems can be a lifesaver for these employees. Dust collection systems remove dust from the air, leaving it cleaner and healthier. As the dust is removed, it is trapped so that it cannot be reintroduced into the air.

There are many different NFPA dust collection systems you can choose from for your building. If space is a concern, choose a system that comes with a small footprint. If you air is particularly polluted, or contains smoke, choose a heavy duty industrial system for the most benefit.

Regardless of which type of dust collection system you choose, you can be assured that your employees with allergies will notice a difference very quickly. Dust and other allergens can be removed from the air as quickly as these are introduced, creating a healthier environment.

Your cleaning crew will thank you, too. Dust collection systems keep your facility cleaner, leaving less work for the employees cleaning the facility each day. Dust will not even have time to settle on the machines and furnishings.

Talk with your dealer about installing an NFPA dust collection system for your facility. Your employees, both those with allergies and those without, are sure to thank you for it.

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