Healthy Eyes: Important for the Whole Family

Healthy eyes and clear eyesight are important for people of all ages. Adults as well as children should see an optometrist yearly to maintain good eye health and vision. Optometrists, commonly known as eye doctors, work along with a team of opticians and assistants to exam and treat our eyes. Many eye doctor offices are family friendly and treat patients as young as three years old.

A typical optometry appointment will begin with an optician examining your eyes and completing a preliminary check of your vision. He or she will assess your eye health and vision capabilities using a variety of devices. The optician will use tools to look closely at your eyes and observe the health of them. He or she will take pictures of your eyes to show to the eye doctor. These tests and photos are vital in helping the doctor locate eye disease, degeneration, or vision problems.

The optometrist will review the optician’s report, and then perform his or her own examination. The eye doctor will closely examine your eyes and check your eye health as well as your eyesight capabilities. He or she will decide if you need glasses or contact lenses to correct vision issues. If you’re experiencing blurry, unclear vision it’s likely you will need glasses or contact lenses.

Your eye doctor can help determine which vision correction option would be best for you and your child. Even smaller children may have vision problems that require the use of eyeglasses. Contact lenses are approved for children as young as age eight years old. Many optometrist’s office offer play areas for smaller children, as well as specialized examination areas to appeal to children; most offices will also allow parents to accompany children into the exam room.

Eyeglasses come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Children’s styles are often designed to be more durable, since children like to roughhouse and are oblivious to how easy frames or lenses may break. Following an exam, your eye care provider can fit you and your child for glasses and they will be made within a matter of weeks. When you look through your new glasses for the first time, you will likely be amazed at how clearly you see the world!

Good vision is important to people of all ages. School-aged children need to be able to see clearly to excel in school, and adults depend on good vision for everyday activities. You and your family members should see an optometrist regularly to have your eyes examined and any possible vision problems treated. Eye health and vision maintenance are vital for a fulfilling lifestyle.



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