Headstones in CT Provide a Lasting Memory

The passing of a loved one is never easy. Friends and family members need time to grieve to deal with the loss. Once the service is over, it’s up to the family to decide on a grave marker or a headstone for the grave site. Headstones in CT can provide a lasting memorial to honour the memory of the one who has passed.


A headstone is a marker that is placed over a grave to mark the spot where a deceased person has been buried. Since the words and pictures that are placed on the marker will be the final tribute to the loved one, it’s highly recommended that the family does not rush through the decision making process. A headstone will help to identify the spot where the family member has been laid to rest, and the words that are put on it will forever memorialise the loved one.

Creating a Headstone

The first step in creating a headstone is to set a budget. Then it’s time to select the kind of stone to use, along with the colour. The size and shape of the headstone need to be determined next, as this will impact how many words or pictures will be able to fit on it. Lettering can be done in a variety of styles, so that needs to be chosen as well. Once the main components have been selected, it’s time to figure out what will go on the headstone. It’s important to think about the wording, as this will be permanently etched in stone for everyone to see.

Words and Emblems

Wording is a crucial part of creating a headstone. It will be the focal point that everyone will remember the deceased by. Most headstones include the person’s full name, date of birth and date of death. A favourite phrase or meaningful words to describe the loved one may also be added, along with any pictures if they are desired. After the words have been chosen, it’s important to proofread everything to check for any misspellings or incorrect dates.

Headstones in CT can provide closure for the family, while memorialising the loved one in a positive way. It may be helpful to see samples and talk to a knowledgeable person before making a decision on a monument for a grave site. For more information about creating a headstone, please contact us.

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