Have Your Root Canal Completed in Honolulu

Most people are not thrilled when they learn they are in need of a root canal. This is often because they have heard of people having bad experiences or being in pain during or after the procedure. Root canal procedures have come a long way since they were first introduced to the dental world. Today, a root canal can be performed with very little discomfort and shorter healing times. If you are in need of having a root canal completed in Honolulu, this information will help to prepare you, so you feel less nervous and more prepared for your procedure.

To have your root canal completed in Honolulu, you will first need to be numbed. The numbing process is carried out through Novocaine injections, so you feel no pain while your tooth is being worked on. Once the Novocaine has taken full effect, the dentist will create a small opening at the very top of your tooth. This is needed so the dentist will have access to the inner pulp of your tooth and the roots. Using special canal files, the dentist will work to remove all of the decayed or infected tissue, pulp and sometimes the nerve.

Root canal procedures are carried out when the decay or infection in your tooth has gone so deep as to affect the root structure. Once the diseased inner tissues are removed, the tooth is filled with a special filling material, so it becomes stronger and is less prone to damage. This also prevents food particles from being able to enter your tooth.

In most cases, the dentist will place a crown over your tooth as well. This crown surrounds your tooth with a protective shell and keeps it strong, so it is not damaged while you are eating or biting down. People who have root canals are often able to avoid tooth loss, though regular maintenance is required to keep the tooth in good shape.

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