Have You Considered a Flatbed Truck?

If you have more than “standard” hauling needs in Fresno CA, you may be thinking about buying a one ton pickup truck or something larger. But what should you get? A brand new truck could easily set you back 40 thousand or more. However, used flatbed trucks may be the perfect option. In fact, a flatbed for trucks can give you a wide range of benefits.


Suppose you need something like an F350 truck. Trucks are made sturdier and last longer than cars and you can usually get a much better price on something used with a flat bed for several reasons. When it comes to pickup trucks, most people are not interested in flat bed design and the demand is not as great. In fact, the difference in price can be significant.

Customizing Options

There are only so many things you can do with standard pickup truck beds. Yes, you can deck them out and make them look fancy and impressive, but when you want a truck for working and hauling, a flatbed for trucks gives you a lot of options in Fresno CA. Let’s check them out:

  • Side rails – you can go with high or low side rails. This will save you a lot of work because you won’t have to tie down all your loads each time you haul something.
  • Floors – it’s not too hard to replace the floors in platform trailers and you have a number of materials in which to choose, including diamond plate and wood.
  • Toolboxes – put toolboxes just about anywhere you like

Doing the Work

If you are not experienced with modifying truck beds, consider a trusted a company specializing in custom truck bodies and flatbed for trucks work in Fresno CA. They can give you the perfect truck bed for your needs.