Have Confidence In Quality Repairs From Professional Plumbers

Although home plumbing repairs may not appear that difficult, there are many reasons to let professional plumbers in Richmond VA perform home plumbing repairs.

One of the main reasons for using professional plumbers in Richmond VA is peace of mind. A leaky pipe can cause a lot of damage, especially if it is inside a wall or in some little-used part of the home, like an empty basement. Assuming you do find the leak, you may be tempted to perform the repairs yourself. Even as an amateur, you probably understand enough to know that the first step is to shut off the water at the main (or at least at the next valve junction between the leak and the main). You may have even purchased a home repair kit from your local hardware store to fix the leak. This can be misleading. If you buy a kit from your friendly store, complete with instructions, then you should be able to do the work easily, right? The problem with repairing a leaky pipe, particularly if the pipe is metal and not PVC is the dreaded cold joint.

A cold joint occurs when the torch does not heat up the base metal hot enough to bond with the melted solder or braze. This is not unlike the problem of a cold solder joint that electrical circuit board assemblers can experience. Without a careful, expert inspection, the joint looks good, but when you turn the water back on, it can spring a leak almost immediately, or more vexing, at some random time over the next few days. The results can be disastrous.

As professional plumbers in Richmond VA know, the problem of a cold joint comes from excess water in the tube. If a home repairperson attempts to fix a leak by soldering over the hole or crack, then he probably has not completely drained the pipe. Even a little water will store the heat until it evaporates, and foil the soldering process. Often, the only remedy for this situation is to cut the pipe, and solder on a sleeve fitting. This may also be a problem for the homeowner who may be working at a very inconvenient time (like the wee hours of the morning) when he is not thinking straight, and cannot find a sleeve or a hacksaw that can cut through a steel pipe. He may just try to “patch it until morning”. Anyone who has had this experience knows that this is a losing proposition

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