Guide to Hiring an Auto Accidents Lawyer in South Bay, CA

Auto accidents occur on a daily basis all over Southern California. Many of these accidents are relatively insignificant and do not need the assistance of an attorney to resolve. Often, however, an accident victim will benefit from using an auto accidents lawyer in South Bay, CA. Understanding when to hire an attorney and how to find the best one for your case will give you peace of mind.

When to Contact an Attorney

Attorneys are rightfully paid for their skills. However, not all accidents would warrant the cost or an attorney’s expertise to resolve. Minor accidents, such as fender benders, can often be resolved peacefully between the individuals involved and their insurance companies. Cases involving a significant injury, substantial property damage or even death would undoubtedly benefit from an attorney’s skill and knowledge. California, like many states, has a statute of limitations on injury claims, so contact an attorney sooner rather than later when legal expertise is needed.

Which Attorney to Contact

There is no shortage of attorneys, so how does an accident victim know which one to choose? Just as someone would not seek medical advice about their eyes from a podiatrist, people should not hire an attorney who lacks specific experience in handling auto accident and injury cases. Accident cases require particular knowledge of state and local traffic laws, an understanding of medical terminology and processes, and an ability to work with automobile and health insurance companies. These are skills that are acquired over time through years of experience. Look specifically for attorneys with several years of experience with cases similar to yours.

What to Look For at the Consultation

Reputable attorneys offer free consultations to prospective clients. Victims can use this opportunity to see how comfortable they feel with the attorney. Also, listen to what they offer. Look for an attorney who has a specific plan for the case instead of just a staged answer. Be sure to get a good understanding of the attorney’s fee structure and confirm when any payments would have to be made. Many accident attorneys are paid on a contingent basis, but not all. For more information about hiring an auto accidents lawyer in South Bay, CA, browse the website or contact Shook & Associates Inc.

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