Growing Wiser, Not Older: Finding a Fitness Program for Seniors

As inevitable as age may be, it is a common misconception that growing older means losing your strength and independence. Indeed, a variety of physical activities are especially suited to seniors, and those who regularly engage their brain are more likely to retain their cognitive health as they age.

Among others, consider adding the following senior-friendly activities to your schedule:

Take a Walk

Whether it’s around the block or making loops through the community park, your commitment to regular light/moderate exercise will have an invaluable impact on your health. Increase your blood flow, boost your metabolism, and maybe even meet a few new neighbors!

Get Wet

An increasingly popular activity across the country, water aerobics is an ideal way for seniors to pass the time, make new friends, and stay in shape. If a full-on class isn’t quite your style, make an effort to squeeze in a few laps before breakfast, or take a dip while your hubby relaxes poolside.

Jump On the Floor

While you’ll want to be cautious, there’s little else that can so quickly bring back the excitement of youth than jumping on the dance floor. Tie up your laces, grab a partner, and relearn everything from the fox-trot to the floss (ask your grandkids).

At The MAX Challenge, our transformational program of fitness, nutrition, and motivation is guaranteed to revolutionize everything you know about health. If you are looking for a fitness program for seniors, and believe that you are fit enough to participate, check us out online at THE MAX Challenge of Bedminster/Basking Ridge, NJ or stop in today to our Bedminster facility to learn more!

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