Good Reasons to Hire a DUI Lawyer in Plano

There are very few occasions where a defendant should represent themselves against criminal charges, and a DUI case is not one of them. The consequences for driving under the influence are so severe; it doesn’t make sense to try to beat the charges without a lawyer. Regardless of whether a driver was too intoxicated to drive, they could face suspension of the driving privileges and even have to spend time in jail if they opt to go to court without an attorney. Although it’s certainly possible for a defendant to win a case without an experienced attorney by their side, the odds are stacked against them.

The law enforcement officials who made the arrest generally go to court prepared with their evidence and testimony. Because the court respects them, the judge or jury is more likely to believe their version of the story. A defendant who had been drinking at the time of their arrest is less likely to remember the exact chain of events and be able to tell their side of the story accurately in court.

With an experienced DUI Lawyer in Plano, a defendant may be able to level the playing field. Skilled defense attorneys are also respected by the court, and when a defendant has an attorney speaking for them, they are less likely to make critical mistakes that could result in a conviction. Although an attorney cannot guarantee their client will not be convicted of the charges, they generally give clients a much better chance at a favorable outcome. The expense of hiring an attorney is often much less than the costs of higher insurance rates and alternative transportation while a client’s license is suspended.

Before hiring a DUI Lawyer in Plano, a defendant should inquire about the results a lawyer has been able to achieve for past clients.  is a great place for a person who was recently charged with DUI to start looking for information about DUI charges and the consequences associated with them. An experienced lawyer may be able to help a client avoid the severe consequences and get a fresh start at life.

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