Getting Your Carpets in Good Shape

Normally, when we move into a new house or apartment, we would expect the landlord to have cleaned the carpets thoroughly, after the previous tenants left. If we buy a new home we would also expect the carpets to be left in an excellent condition or cleaned prior to your moving in. Even when they are brand new, it will only be a matter of time before they become dusty, stained or just tired looking, no matter how careful we are. You may be one of those people who prefer visitors to take their shoes off, or you don’t let your kids wear shoes in the house, just so you can keep the carpets in better condition for a little longer. Pets are another issue altogether and they can bring in all manner of bugs, dirt, mud, fleas and ticks which will then burrow and multiply.

Nowadays, it is far cheaper to have your carpets steam cleaned once in a while rather than to buy a new carpets for your entire home, although, actual steam cleaning is not an accurate description of carpet cleaning, because steam is not used. Even those homes with older, worn out carpets can be given an short life extension just to give them an extra few months if you clean them properly.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

Modern methods of carpet cleaning have encompassed the whole notion of eco-friendly chemicals in the care and maintenance of carpets and they use ‘green’ products, rather than dangerous chemicals. There are varying types of carpet cleaning including the ‘hot water extraction’ technique. This technique uses hot water only and works in a similar way to a vacuum cleaner. First, it soaks the hot water into the carpet but then it extracts it using high powered vacuuming machines to suck out the excess water, along with the dirt, to improve the cleanliness of the carpet and bring the ‘pile’ to life once again.

Some companies who offer carpet cleaning in Lyden WA may also use a dry-cleaning method, whereby the carpet produce extremely low moisture levels and your carpet will not feel damp to the touch once it is cleaned. However, if a carpet is heavily dirtied and soiled it will need some kind of pre-treatment, especially if the carpet is in a high traffic area.

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