Getting the Answers You Need To the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Implants in Summit NJ

Your teeth were meant to remain in your mouth for the duration of your life. Unfortunately, poor oral hygiene and other dental issues sometimes cause people to lose their natural teeth. When this happens, finding a suitable replacement option is vital to maintaining your oral health, as missing teeth can affect your oral health. If you’ve lost one or more teeth and would like to know more about how dental implants work, the answers to the following four questions may help you make a decision.

I’m not sure what dental implants are. Can you tell me more about them?
Simply put, a dental implant is an artificial substitute for a tooth root. When the implant is placed into your mouth by the oral surgeon, it gives the prosthetic replacement tooth something to hold on to so that it won’t fall out of your mouth and will feel natural when you eat.

Will dental implants be a viable solution for me?
Whether or not you are a candidate for implants will depend on a variety of factors, including the state of your overall health and whether you have other untreated issues (like gum disease) with your teeth or mouth. While implants in Summit NJ are often an option for many different types of patients, it’s best to speak with a qualified oral surgeon who can evaluate your specific situation.

How long will dental implants take?
This will depend heavily upon how much bone you have left and the current state of your oral health. Be aware that it may take several appointments to complete the job. Your oral surgeon should be able to give you an estimate once he or she evaluates your needs.

What about my lost bone?
It’s vital that there is enough bone present in order to provide the support you need to maintain your implant. If you’ve already lost a significant amount of bone, talk to your oral surgeon about whether bone grafting or other methods of restoring a sufficient amount of bone would be right for you.

When it comes to dental implants, finding a quality oral surgeon with plenty of experience will be key to getting the outcome you desire. If you’d like to inquire about whether a dental implant is the right solution for you, contact Westfield Oral Surgery to speak with a professional about how you can restore both your oral health and your overall confidence.

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