Getting a Collaborative Divorce Though a Family Law Office in Timonium, MD Could Reduce Stress for the Family

Contrary to what the media reports about high-profile divorces, many people who end their marriages choose to avoid the confrontational and expensive courtroom battles. People don’t tend to get divorced because they like each other, but divorce also doesn’t have to be contentious. Two adults who once loved each other deeply enough to get married and have children can often come together for a few weeks to sort out their marital assets and make decisions for their children without fighting over small, inconsequential things.

This is what collaborative divorce is all about and a Family Law Office in Timonium MD may be able to help a couple who would prefer to get divorced this way rather than fighting in court. When a couple commits to resolving their differences outside of a courtroom, the tend to have better outcomes. Husbands and wives are more likely to leave the marriage with the things that are most important to them and, when they have children, the children are more likely to have an ongoing relationship with both of their parents.

Because the two spouses act like adults, rather than bickering like children over keepsakes and furniture, the process tends to move a lot faster. By using a Family Law Office in Timonium MD that has experience with collaborative divorce and mediation, a divorcing spouse can be confident their attorney is compassionate and also knows the proper techniques to use to divide the property and resolve custody concerns.

Working with an attorney like Maria Caruso gives couples the opportunity to avoid the adversarial courtroom experience and save money in the process. Litigation is expensive. In a collaborative divorce, each spouse is represented by their own attorney who is dedicated to staying out of court. When all of the issues are resolved, the settlement is presented to a judge for approval and then finalized. There’s no reason to get the children involved or cause them stress because they might have to testify in front of the judge. Parents may be able to deal with the emotional issues related to the separation of their family without having to worry about arguing their case in a courtroom.

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