Get The Dental Help You Need From A Reputable Dentist In Redding

Taking care of your teeth is an important part of ensuring you live a healthy life, but is also something that many people commonly neglect to do. Neglecting your dental hygiene can lead to a variety of health issues, especially when it comes to your teeth breaking down and becoming infected. The only way to prevent things like this from happening, is to keep your teeth as clean as possible by brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Unfortunately, there will still be times where your teeth can become damaged or your gums infected by bacteria, requiring you to visit a reputable dentist office like the Moore & Pascarella Dental Group.

Visiting a Redding area dentist to get your teeth cleaned regularly can help protect them from the threat of cavities or gingivitis. Over time, cavities can become a serious problem if they aren’t taken care of by a dentist. Usually a cavity will need a simple filling to fix, which can usually be done in a single visit to your Dentist in Redding. When cavities aren’t taken care of early on, they can increase in severity quickly, leading to your teeth breaking down and potentially exposing their nerves. The more a tooth breaks, the more exposed the nerve inside it becomes, and the higher the risk for infection becomes. When a tooth’s nerve is infected, it often comes with excruciating pain and discomfort while eating or drinking. The only way to resolve this is with the help of a Dentist in Redding.

Taking care of an infected tooth is usually an easy process, as long as you get to the dentist quickly instead of putting it off. A dentist will normally prescribe antibiotics for you to take, which will clear out the infection before they begin repairing the tooth. Once your tooth is clear of infection, they will then perform a root canal on it to remove the nerves from inside the tooth. Once the nerves are gone, they will then use dental cement to repair the tooth and build it up enough to hold a dental crown on it to restore your chewing ability. For more severe cases, the tooth may need to be extracted and replaced by a dental implant. Visiting a dentist when the problem first starts can prevent this, however, and keep your mouth healthier.

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