Get Storage Supplies to Help With Your Move

Moving is never easy, but there are Winnipeg companies that can help to minimize the inconvenience of moving and storing your belongings. Area storage companies like St. Anne’s Self Storage ( have all the supplies needed to make a move as simple as possible. In addition, all top storage companies provide facilities designed to keep possessions safe and secure.

Get Storage Supplies ahead of any move to ensure the needed materials are on-site when needed. While needing a variety of boxes and bubble wrap is expected, there are many other materials needed for moving that are often overlooked. Chair and sofa covers are a necessity to minimize any chance of damage to the fabrics during a move. Mattress covers are also needed to protect your bedding investment. Packing tape to properly seal boxes is also a must. Items like labels to clearly mark what is contained in each box are a lifesaver when unloading and sorting what is to go in which room. Never try to move without a good pair of gloves to protect your hands.

When selecting a storage unit to secure your possessions, select a provider that offers a wide variety of units. Discuss your needs with a company representative to determine what size unit is required. Units are available in sizes ranging from small 5′ by 5′ spaces to large 10′ by 20′ units. Since the size of a unit determines its rental fee, it is important to get a unit sized to meet your needs. Top storage companies also provide both climate controlled units and non-climate controlled spaces. If the items to be stored are subject to damage from temperature changes, discuss the options available to protect those valuables with the storage provider.

When deciding on a company to use for storage, ask if they have a loaner truck available to help with the move. Get Storage Supplies and moving equipment from the same source whenever possible, as it reduces stress on moving day. Working with a representative from the storage company and using handy online tools to help estimate the size of storage unit needed also helps to keep moving and storage costs to a minimum.

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