Get Rid of Ticks With Pest Control in Longmont CO

During the warmer months of the year, especially during the summer, ticks can become a problem for homeowners. Not only do these pests bite dogs and cats, they also bite humans and can carry diseases such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Getting rid of ticks is not always easy, especially when there seems to be infiltration. It is important for homeowners to contact the professionals for Pest Control Longmont CO.

How to Get Rid of Ticks

Ticks can lay thousands of eggs at a time. Tick eggs are black and they are found in piles on the ground. These eggs develop into larvae which are called seed ticks. Seed ticks can carry diseases just like adults can. What makes them so dangerous, is they are so small and can often be very difficult to find on the skin when they have bitten a person.

When ticks are becoming a big problem in a home, intervention needs to be sought right away. Contacting the professionals for Pest Control in Longmont CO will ensure all stages of tick life are destroyed, along with a barrier being placed down to ensure more ticks do not begin to cause another infestation.

The pest control specialists will first come out and spray the entire yard with a pesticide that is meant to destroy the eggs, seed ticks, and adult ticks. A barrier spray will be put in place that is called a residual spray. This spray helps to kill any ticks that may wander into the yard after the treatment has been carried out.

How to Keep Ticks Away

In addition to the residual treatments, it is imperative homeowners keep the weeds and grass carefully trimmed around their home. Leaves need to be removed to ensure there are no areas that will attract ticks and make them want to lay their eggs.

Wood chips should be placed around all wooded areas and around play areas to help deter the ticks from coming in. Cedar chips are a particularly good choice and they can help to deter other insects from entering a yard as well.

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