Get Respite Certification in Phoenix, AZ

It is hard to imagine that at any given time in this country nearly half a million children are unsettled. These children are in the midst of something which they did not cause and have no control over. It is foster care. Removed from their homes for many different reasons and forced to try to continue with their regular lives as if they have not been uprooted.

Some children will never return to their original homes. Some will stay in foster care for only a short while as their parents are able to fix problems or until an alternate family member is found. Unfortunately a substantial amount of these children will never find a permanent home, they will instead simply age out of the system.

There are not enough caring and reliable foster homes in the country to handle these numbers of children. Almost 15 percent of children in foster care are actually forced to reside in a group home. It is better than living on the street or in an abusive situation but is certainly no match for being a member of a caring family.

One of the hardest groups of children to place are those with special needs. Obviously these children require a higher level of care than those of the same age without additional issues. Many foster homes are hesitant to take in these children and some are simply not qualified.

When you consider that nearly half of all children in the foster care system are statistically shown to have chronic medical problems and over three quarters are diagnosed as emotionally damaged you can see the extent of the problem.

It is because of these issues that companies such as A Place to Call Home have taken on the challenge of encouraging loving, responsible adults to open their homes and hearts to these children. They help people to become certified foster homes even assisting them as they earn respite certification in Phoenix, AZ.

Respite care is an important service which allows the foster parents of disabled children or adults in the system to take vacations and breaks. It ensures the individuals in care are in a safe home during the vacation. It also allows foster families to take breaks without having to surrender the children they are caring for.

If you are interested in learning more about respite certification in Phoenix, AZ, contact A Place to Call Home today.

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