Get Legal Guidance from a Lawyer for Slip and Fall Injuries in Nassau County

Owners of real estate open to the public have a duty to keep their buildings and landscaped areas safe. The upkeep of the premises includes repairing damaged property in due time, making sure the ground and floors are free from slick and damaged surfaces, and keeping overhead objects that can fall away from public areas properly secured. Hazardous conditions could include deep potholes in sidewalks, low lighting on steps, floors with uneven surfaces, and hidden hazards that aren’t immediately noticeable.

When a visitor in a public establishment has been hurt, people who have the property owner’s interests in mind may try to clean up the evidence that reveals the peril. It is important to call the Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini III for professional assistance in trying a case. The insurance company for the owner of the building may make relentless attempts to sabotage the case. Slip and fall injuries in Nassau County cannot be handled without legal counsel when so much is at stake. If the injured had access to a camera or a phone to take pictures, it will do a world of good for the evidence. If there is no clear and obvious proof to show what caused the injury then a lawyer who has experience with slip and fall injuries in Nassau County is crucial.

There are actions to take after slip and fall injuries in Nassau County in order to make the public aware. Since the evidence can be cleared in just moments after the injured leaves, if at all possible, a sample of the substance or object that caused the injury should be collected. Use the testimony of any witnesses that are willing to help. If there is no way to gather any evidence, an investigator working on behalf of the law firm can come to inspect the scene shortly after. If there is even a slight sense that poor maintenance of a building is the reason for an injury on that property, an injury lawyer can aid in getting full restitution for damages. They work tirelessly to build a powerful case and countermand any opposing efforts to make the case null.

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