Get Durable and Beautiful Nails With a Shellac Manicure

Professional manicures look great, make people appear better groomed and last longer than the polish applied at home. Getting a manicure is an inexpensive indulgence. Most experts recommend a full manicure every 2-4 weeks and a touch up on nail polish once a week. When attending an appointment women will have to decide what type of manicure they want. Many do not know enough about shellac to choose this option and often confuse it with a gel manicure. This is unfortunate because shellac is durable, shiny and beautiful and it is a great option for many women. It is similar in some ways to gel, but has many differences too.

  • Shellac is a special product that is a 50-50 blend of gel and nail polish.
  • It is applied to the natural nail like a polish. It will not extend the nail and is not sculpted.
  • It helps to strengthen the natural nail but does not help them grow longer because it will not provide a protective barrier for growing nails like gels and acrylics.
  • A Shellac Manicure is less likely to chip than other polishes and will not smudge.
  • The polish will be totally dry following the curing so it is possible to perform normal activities immediately after the appointment.
  • It is less damaging to the natural nails than acrylics and gels.
  • Shellac is guaranteed to last two weeks and sometimes will last as long as a month. New nail growth may make it necessary to get a touch-up sooner.
  • The UV light used to cure the nails emits only low levels of UV rays.

A Shellac Manicure is only performed on healthy nails. The technician will usually need to file and buff the nails and trim the cuticles before application. The shellac is applied in layers and cured with a UV light after each layer is applied. This makes the appointment slightly longer than other manicure methods. Removal of the polish should always be done in the salon to avoid any damage to the nail. It is removed with a special acetone soak or wrap.

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