Generators in Palmyra, Virginia Will Supply Power When All Else Fails

The power seems to always go out at the most inopportune times. The refrigerator is usually full of perishables, or the garage door will not open. The furnace blower does not deliver heat, or the air conditioning doesn’t cool. The security system is no longer secure. In general no one in the family is safe and comfortable.

For a business, a power outage can be more distressing because the business loses money, and perhaps it loses perishables also.

Generators in Palmyra Virginia will provide automatic home generators for a permanent power system as a backup for your home.

Fitch Services Generator Installation in Palmyra, VA installs and services generators from a wide variety of name-brand manufacturers who are kown for their dependability. A generator will keep the vital functions of the home or business operating until the power returns. Briggs and Stratton is a name that is synonymous with reliable service, and this company carries a full line of their portable generators.

The time to purchase a portable generator is before you need it. It is easier to get the generator set-up and tested when there is no urgent demand for its use.

Although the generators that this company sells requires very little service, our expert technicians can ensure that any required service is provided quickly. Some stand-by generators can be installed so that they are powered by natural gas, and they are wired to the electrical service panel which can automatically turn on the generator when there is no power.

Gasoline powered models are sold for smaller electricity demand. These generators come in several power supply ratings. There are remote devices to monitor the performance of these smaller generators that are powered by gasoline. The whole house power generators can handle a home’s basic power requirements including two 5-ton air conditioners and supplying 6 additional high wattage appliances with power.

There are generators that produce all levels of power from a TV to the whole house. It is a good idea to work with a generator power expert to decide which generator application will work best for your home. Power capacity with a given rate of fuel is an important consideration.


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