Futons Offer Health Benefits for Sleepers

If you are suffering from a plethora of bodily pains in your joints, muscles, tendons and bones, one solution may involve changing the way that you sleep. Not many people realize that buying a futon in Houston, TX is not only more affordable than buying a new bed and/or couch, but is also healthier for you than sleeping on most traditional western mattresses. This is especially true if the mattress you choose comes with a slatted wood base. Such an assertion may be perplexing. How, you ask, is it possibly healthier to sleep on a futon?

Houston, TX retailers who sell futon mattresses and wood slatted base frames may be able to tell you that sleeping on a firmer surface is less painful than one that accommodate yours limbs. It may feel comfortable to sink into a conventional mattress, but our joints actually need support throughout the night and can stretch during the night on a soft mattress. Osteopathic research has indicated that this is a significant factor that in some cases contributes to back and neck pain, as well as headaches and discomfort during the day.

Buying the right futon in Houston, TX can therefore remedy the situation. Futons are by necessity thinner than the soft mattresses that adorn the divan of your conventional bed. That doesn’t mean that you must resign yourself to sleeping on a hard bed in order to prevent or avoid back pain; if the surface is too hard, or there is too much support, you may get a stiff neck and back, and same kinds of symptoms. If you buy a new modern futon in Houston, TX, however, you will discover that there are many comfortable mattresses that support your body in just the right measure, and are so much cheaper than orthopedic beds (which can range between $5000 and $15000) that comparing the two in terms of cost is ridiculous. The noteworthy point is that futon mattresses come in different grades and can offer you the support and resistance your body needs in order to sleep more restfully, and without corollary aches and pains.

The importance of the slatted base is related to the capacity for a futon to provide air circulation to your body while sleeping. This prevents dust mites from collecting in as much volume as they might in a traditional bed, which makes breathing easier and more restful while you sleep. This is especially important if you suffer from asthma, sleep apnea or other conditions which may make breathing more difficult.

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