Funerals in Allentown PA Increasingly Turning to Cremation

These days, when you attend Funerals in Allentown PA, you’re just as likely to find out the deceased was cremated as he was buried. It’s a growing trend in PA and around the country. Not surprisingly, one of the reasons for its growing popularity is the affordable cost. Costing families only about 1/3 of the cost of a conventional burial service, consumers don’t have to pay for such services or products as a casket or burial plot. Of course, families can choose to bury the ashes if they prefer, but it’s not required. So, why is cremation growing in popularity?


The American society is growing increasingly mobile, with more people than ever moving from their original home town. Nowadays, it simply doesn’t make much sense to buy a family plot when the chances are your family may have moved half way around the country. With a cremation as part of Funerals in Allentown PA, families can split up the ashes and give them to family members who may live far away. This token allows family and friends to take with them a tangible reminder of their loved one.


With a burial, the service often has to be held almost immediately following the death of a loved one, or the family faces large storage bills to keep the body waiting. With cremation, the service time can be post-poned until the entire family can be in attendance and all the details can be thought out. There’s no need to have rushed ceremonies because the body has already been cremated.


No, it can’t be said that cremation is a green alternative; however, it’s long been considered a better option for the environment than using chemicals such as formaldehyde and burying a casket. Yes, there are other true “green” options such as natural burials and the such, but many people are choosing to go green another way and burying the ashes with a tree or bush.

Whatever way is right for your family is truly the right way. Whether it be cremation or burial, make a decision you yourself would want or what you know the loved one would have wanted.

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