For Demolition Work You Need The Right Tools

When a structure has to come down, a construction company that specializes in the use of demolition tools in New York City is usually called in. There are a number of ways to bring a building down, a lot of it has to do with exactly where the building is located and what type of structure it is. One of the favored ways of bringing a building to the ground is through controlled demolition. When this method of demolition is used, the buildings are usually well away from other structures but this does not have to be the case. When a large industrial chimney has seen the end of its days, controlled demolition is usually used as the site is remote and starting from the top and working down can be dangerous and tedious work.

Another common form is the use of a wrecking ball. This is nothing more than a very heavy weight, often in the shape of a ball, which is swung by a crane. The ball swings in a pendulum motion, smashing into a freestanding wall, bringing it down. This method of demolition is acceptable if there is sufficient room around the structure for the ball to be swung without hitting anything else in its path.

Demolition tools in New York City that are found on every site are demolition hammers. These tools are typically very heavy and when they are swung, they can impact the surface with a powerful blow, breaking it up. These hammers are used to knock down anything from interior partitions to concrete slabs.

As the demolition hammer is a heavy head, attached to long handle, the amount of force that is can generate when it swings through its arc is very high. As these hammers are designed for manual use, the worker himself must be strong and skilled.

Most demolition sites will use power hammers, they do the same job as a manual sledgehammer, but better. These devices are either electrically operated if the job is small but the majority of them are pneumatic. Rather than have to swing it, the tool is held in position and manipulated by the worker. Although it takes the swinging out of the work, it still can take a considerable amount of effort and skill to operate a pneumatic jackhammer. For more information, visit Air Tool Sales and Repair Co., Inc.

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