Foot And Ankle Problems May Call For Podiatric Surgery In Racine, WI

Since a person’s feet and ankles are the foundation the body stands and moves on, they need to be taken care of. When a foot or ankle is injured or develops a chronic condition like bone spurs, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, or other painful conditions, walking becomes painful. Taking good care of one’s feet and ankles helps a person stay mobile as they age. When injury or chronic problems make feet painful, get help at a clinic such as Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers.

What Treatments Can Keep Feet Pain Free?

When a foot or ankle is injured or develops chronic problems that are painful and debilitating, it is time to seek help. It is easier for a specialist to treat foot and ankle problems when they first occur. A podiatrist is a doctor who treats problems with the feet and ankles. They can perform podiatric surgery in Racine WI. They can also treat problems with the feet and ankles with non-surgical treatments.

Diagnosing Problems

The podiatrists are very well trained and can deliver complete podiatric surgery in Racine WI, medications, or non-surgical treatments as needed. When the family doctor refers a patient to this clinic or a person goes directly to the clinic to be treated for painful foot or ankle problems, they are asked to bring their medical history with them if possible. Then, the patient fills out medical history forms at the clinic and receive a thorough examination to determine what the cause of their pain and discomfort is.

When the results are in from the examination, medical history, and careful questioning, a treatment plan is developed for each patient. The treatments are designed to get a person back on their feet without pain. Some conditions and injuries can be totally healed and others can be treated to be less painful. These clinics accept many kinds of insurance and Medicare coverage. It is worth the expense and time to get relief from foot and ankle pain and to regain compromised mobility.

When a person has a foot or ankle injury, the pain can be excruciating as weight is put on the foot to walk. When the problem is treated and the injury is given a chance to heal, the pain goes away and it is easier to walk again. For more information, go to the website.

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