Flowers for Funeral Service in Layton, UT Come in Various Arrangements

Flower arrangements for funerals are featured in various designs. Some of the common styles are wreaths, sprays, and bouquets. However, the most memorable of arrangements is a floral tribute. A tribute is personalized to the deceased and therefore represents a hobby or displays a person’s name.

Funeral Wreaths

Flowers for funeral service in Layton, UT ceremonies are often decorated into wreaths. This circular arrangement of leaves and blooms is usually given to a family as a gift. Usually, a wreath is displayed on a stand at the mortuary next to the coffin.

Lilies and Roses

Lilies are one of the most popular flowers for funeral service arrangements as they signify purity. The white stargazer lily is often chosen for this type of ceremony. Besides the lily, roses are yet another common flower seen at funerals. Rose colors denote different meanings with red being the symbol of love. Yellow roses symbolize friendship while pink is representative of appreciation. Roses are frequently included in a bouquet or floral tribute along with sprigs, berries, or other blooms.

The Symbol for Sincerity

Another one of the flowers for funeral service arrangements that is used often is the gladiolus. This flower is definitely notable as it can grow as tall as four feet. Because it has a sword-like appearance, it was thought to be the bloom of ancient gladiators. Gladioli are featured in such colors as white, red, pink, yellow, orange, green, or purple. The flower symbolizes sincerity. Therefore, it is a fitting floral sentiment at a funeral.


Sometimes daisies are displayed at funeral services. This bloom, which denotes the innocence of childhood, also represents such attributes as love and loyalty. The flowers are often used in more natural settings or when the coffin is made of a natural material such as wood.

If you are seeking just the right condolence flowers to send, contact Myers Mortuary for suggestions. Fresh flower arrangements are available in baskets, wreaths, standing sprays, vases, floral arrangements, live plants, and casket sprays.

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