Flagler Homes for Sale: What Makes a Higher Quality Neighborhood?

When looking at the variety of Flagler homes for sale, one thing is for certain. Not every home buyer is looking for the same qualities in a home. Some may prefer smaller homes with just the basics, while others may demand a luxurious home with every extravagance possible. However, one thing is for certain: nobody wants to live in a less than desirable neighborhood. Here are some elements of a great neighborhood hat home buyers will want to flock to.

Close to Jobs

No longer are builders constructing homes in outlying areas where jobs are far and few between. Since many people still have to work for a living, they want to avoid the commute and live near their job. Because of this trend, builders are finding ways to create living spaces from downtown areas.

Ability to Walk to Places

Although many people still love country living, more and more people are turning to city centers where they can walk to just about anywhere. Whether it’s to get much-needed exercise or be able to interact with others more easily, walking has become one of the most desirable modes of transportation for many people.

Low or Non Existent Crime Rate

An area that seldom experiences any type of crime and has an overall peaceful and quiet atmosphere is generally appreciated by homebuyers. New residents don’t want to enter a situation that disrupts their lives. The want to know they are living in a secure area.

Streets Lined with Trees

Not many people would consider the fact that trees would make much of a difference when looking for Flagler homes for sale. However, trees are important on the streets because they create a canopy effect. This interrupts a person’s line of sight and helps them to feel more safe and comfortable. Other types of landscaping can create an enclosure, giving people the feeling that they are in a room.

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