Five Signs Your Home Needs Water Softening Solutions in Marion, IA

Many homeowners are not aware of the many problems that can arise due to hard water in their home. When a home has hard water, it means there is a higher than normal mineral content in the water supply. This can occur with both good water and municipal water supplies. Although hard water is not a danger to a person’s health, it can pose problems with their plumbing and other issues. It is imperative homeowners are able to recognize the signs of problems with hard water, so they will know if they need to seek Water Softening Solutions in Marion IA.

These five signs should alert a homeowner they have hard water.

     *     Soap scum in the shower and on the shower doors indicates a problem with hard water. This scum occurs as soap is mixed with the minerals in the water and causes a film over the doors, fixtures, as well as the tub and shower areas.

     *     Homeowners will often notice mineral buildup around the faucets in their home. This buildup may be bluish, grayish, or even pinkish in color. Sometimes, the mineral buildup looks like sugar crystals.

     *     If a homeowner notices their clothing causes them to itch and the clothes appear dull in color, these could be signs of hard water problems. When hard water is used to wash clothing, it will dull colors over time and cause the fabric to be rough.

     *     Spots on dishes, silverware, and glasses are good indicators there is a high mineral content in the water. If a homeowner is finding they need to polish their glasses and silverware after they have been washed, they need to have their water checked.

     *     Hard water can cause dry, itchy skin to develop, even in individuals who do not have sensitive skin. It can also cause rashes in those who are prone to sensitive skin issues.

If any of these signs are present, it is imperative a homeowner learns about their options for Water Softening Solutions in Marion IA. A water softening system can eliminate these problems and prolong the life of plumbing fixtures, including water heaters. If you would like to learn more about us, visit the website or call today.

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