Five Injury Scenarios That Often Need Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury torts are brought to court when victims suffer damages as a result of another person’s actions or neglect. When a serious injury occurs, it can be difficult knowing who to hold liable. Meeting with personal injury lawyers will allow victims to better understand who they can pursue for their measurable damages so they can be properly compensated. With this information, individuals can learn about the different injury scenarios that may require the help of a lawyer.

These are the most common reasons individuals need to seek a lawyer for personal injury:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Slip and falls
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability
  • Workplace accidents

While the most common type of personal injury claim is one for physical injuries, there are other types as well. A victim can sue for libel, defamation and slander. If a person has suffered physical, mental, or emotional injuries because of someone else, it is crucial for them to seek the help of personal injury lawyers. A consultation meeting with a lawyer will allow victims to learn more about their case so they will be prepared to pursue negotiations with the insurance company or a lawsuit.

Working with a lawyer removes a tremendous amount of stress from a victim, which is especially important if they suffered serious injuries and need to recover. A lawyer can help a victim pursue their measurable damages for medical bills, lost wages, disability, pain and suffering, and more. Knowing the amount their claim is worth can be beneficial when the time comes to deal with the insurance company so they do not settle for less than the amount they deserve.

The statute of limitations for a personal injury claim in Washington is three years. Therefore, it is imperative a victim does not wait too long to bring their lawsuit. The sooner victims get a lawyer involved, the better the chances of a favorable outcome.

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