Five Accessories That Will Make Your Life Easier When Diving Maui

Diving in Maui doesn’t require much more equipment than the tanks, masks, tubes, flippers, and wetsuit. There’s a whole host of accessories available that can enhance your experience and help keep you safer while underwater. Five of them are listed below.


No one wants to get lost while scuba diving, but it happens. With a GPS locator, your location won’t be a mystery if you’re ever unsure of your current position. These devices are small, light, and can broadcast your location to vessels dozens of miles away.

Dive Light

Whether you’re heading into the depths of a cave, or simply checking out something cool closer to the surface, you’ll want a dive light. Make sure to get one powerful enough to cut through the depths as well as provide emergency illumination in urgent situations.


If you’ve ever tried talking or screaming underwater, you know how poorly sound travel below the surface. However, with a safety whistle, you can be heard up to 50 feet away while submerged and even further away above the surface. They’re generally made of thermoplastic, which is durable, and they float.

First-Aid Kit

You never know how valuable a good first-aid kit is until you need one. Don’t leave home without this essential accessory. You can buy them with durable waterproof cases and filled with the components you need to treat an array of injuries that might occur while scuba diving.

Back-Up Air

You should have enough air in your tanks to supply your planned dive and then some. However, having a little more emergency air never hurt anyone. You can buy small spare tanks and kits that are easy to transport and work great as back-ups in case your primary tanks run out.

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